The theme of the edition was: Contrasts.

Black and white or empty and full are pairs of opposites. When we think of these types of binomials, we identify them as diametrically opposed. We represent them as if they were enemies who will never reconcile.

Ephemeral and eternal: either one thing or its opposite, but we believe they can never be both at once because that is what logic teaches us. It is legitimate for us to perceive this. However, there are other ways to proceed. There are opposites, for example, which can start a dialogue and even meet, poetically if necessary, at some point.

Heaven and Earth, the contrasts: dance pairs of elements that diverge in one way or another, but also contrasts seen as a battle between certain concepts and their opposites.

Movement and stillness can contrast harmoniously and also dramatically.

[From lat. Contraponĕre]

  1. tr. Compare or contrast something with something opposite or different.


Source: Real Academia Española, Diccionario de la lengua española

Buit / Ple
Tot és aigua
El Cel a la Terra
De la Terra al Cel
El buit i el ple