De la Terra al Cel

The composition of their installation for the A Cel Obert festival arises from the fusion of two scales. The territorial scale of the Ebro, through the abstraction of the range and the geometry of the environment, with the more specific scale of the place where they will be installed: the very nature of the courtyard of Sant Joan.

They will take Tortosa inside the cloister. Tortosa as a landscape. Ochres, maroons and browns all present in the ripening cycle of the Ebro crops. Plantations that texturize the earth, weave the territory and, in short, define its identity.

Xavier Isart, Maria Domínguez and Laura Veciana

Pati del Convent de Sant Joan de Jerusalem


Xavier Isart from Girona and Maria Domínguez and Laura Veciana from Barcelona are the young authors of the project “De la Terra al Cel” (From Earth to Heaven).

Maria Domínguez is currently doing her Final Degree Project in Architecture at ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture). In 2012 she did an internship at the Agence Boidot-Robin in Paris and currently collaborates in the office of the architect Daniel Mòdol.

Xavier Isart has a degree in Architecture from ETSAB and is currently a collaborator in the office of the prestigious architect Josep Llinàs.

Laura Veciana has a degree in art direction from ESCAC (Cinema and Audiovisual School of Catalonia) and in her professional career it is worth highlighting her collaboration making video clips, feature films and advertising with well-known producers such as Escac Films, Canadà and Oberon Cinematográfica. In 2013 she moved to London and collaborated with Rattling Stick and Marie Lanna Studio. She currently works as a freelancer in Barcelona.