From October 4th to 6th, the city of Tortosa is going to welcome A Cel Obert again!

A Cel Obert chooses a theme for each of its editions with the aim of creating a common thread that generates conceptual relationships and works as a link between the different ephemeral interventions. For this reason, the jury will assess, among other aspects, the adequacy of the participants vis-à-vis the proposed theme as well as the originality and quality of their interpretation of the concept whether understood in a literal or metaphorical way.


The theme of the eleventh edition of the A Cel Obert festival, corresponding to the year 2024, is intensity.

Intensity is a vector that grades the level of a message or a relationship. Sound and light, from a physical point of view, but also attraction or rejection, sentimentally speaking. It grades affinity or animosity from a social point of view, and love, warmth and affection between people.

Within this spectrum of possibilities we receive a message that can be positive, enthusiastic, passionate and exalted, or also negative, soft, rational and conformist.

Intensity is, in conclusion, a regulator of the power between conceptual, physical, sentimental, social or personal relationships.

1 [ U ] The quality of being felt strongly or having a very strong effect.

2 [ C or U ] The strength of something that can be measured such as light, sound, etc.

3 [ U ] The quality of being very serious and having strongemotions or opinions.

Cambridge Dictionary, Cambridge University Press, https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/intensity. Accessed 11 Mar. 2024.









Once again, A Cel Obert will have a first-class panel of judges made up of well-known professionals from the world of architecture, plastic arts and design. Based on the theme chosen for this edition, intensity, the judges will assess, among other relevant aspects, the participants’ adaptation to the proposed theme and their originality and quality in capturing the concept in their ephemeral interventions, whether this is understood literally or metaphorically.

Albert Brufau

Architect, founding partner of Brufau Cusó architecture studio and representative of ARQUIN-FAD and representative of ARQUIN-FAD

Founding partner of ‘Brufau Cusó estudi d’arquitectura’ and representative of ARQUIN-FAD. Architect and technical architect from the UPC.

As a technical architect, he won the FAD Architecture Award in 2013 for the Transmitter Space of the Túmul de Seró, and he has been finalist on five more times. He has also received various recognitions at the Spanish and Ibero-American Biennials of Architecture and Urbanism, as well as the Catalunya Construcció awards.

He has been a professor of Measurements and Budgets and Final Degree Project at the Elisava School (Barcelona) between 1999 and 2014. He has also taught Construction Management courses at the Sert School (Barcelona).

Aida Boix

Art historian and director of Lo Pati Art Centre – Terres de l’Ebre Art Centre

Graduated in Art History from the University of Barcelona and Master in Advanced Studies in Art History. She began her professional career at the Center for Studies and Documentation of the MACBA. She has been part of the research team of the Vatican Museums and since 2017 she is director of the Centro de Arte Lo Pati –  Terres de l’Ebre Art Centre.

Currently, she combines the direction of Lo Pati with exhibition curating and art criticism.

She was a member of the board of directors of the Catalan Association of Art Critics (ACCA) and now, she is part of the International Association of Art Critics (AICA).

Núria Anfruns

Architect and Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Projects and Direction of Decoration Works, member of the organization of the A Cel Obert festival

Architect graduated from ETSAV – UPV and Superior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design in Projects and Works Management of Decoration from ESARDI. Master’s degree in Commercial Space Design and Master’s degree in Graphic Design from ESDESIGN, Postgraduate in Designing the Hotel of the 21st Century from Escola Sert, and Visual Merchandising and Window Dressing from Escola Elisava.

She has worked in several interior design studios and currently works at Luxiform, a studio specialized in lighting. In addition, she is part of the organization of the A Cel Obert festival.