We see A Cel Cobert as a growing branch that seeks to interweave contemporary works with classic covered spaces to discover new things. It has the same goals as A Cel Obert but takes place in new settings and delves into different disciplines.


“PIETÀ” was inspired by Michelangelo’s sculpture with the same name in the Vatican and from the choreographer’s trips to Jerusalem and Rome, where she found many links between religious faith and the faith she professes through her body and dance. “PIETÀ” is a duet that speaks of the holy and dark at once, of deities becoming flesh, of the spirituality of the body, of its impurity and cleanliness, of motherhood and eroticism.


Idea and direction: Verònica Hernández Royo

Choreography: Verònica Hernández Royo

Dancers: Daniel Chamizo and Verònica Hernández Royo

Music: Jordi Font (sound space), Vivaldi: Filiae maestae Jerusalem, RV 638: II. Sileant Zephyri

Costumes: Silvia Royo Ormaechea

Day: 10 October 2021

Place: COAC Ebre office

Ferran Palau writes and describes his story as a landscape that turns at a quiet, calm but constant pace. As constant as his music. His easy-loving style and love songs are back and even more sincere in “PARC”, his new album. Although, if we are honest, this time we will discover a love that hurts a little more, that burns a little harder. A love seduced by the minimalism and synthesisers that guide us, slowly, through Ferran’s imagination.



Album title: Parc (Hidden Track Records, 2021)

Production: Ferran Palau and Jordi Matas

Mixing: Jordi Matas

Master: Heba Kadry

Recording: La Casa Murada and Panxii Badi studio

Day: 11 October 2021

Place: Polvorí Room of Tortosa Parador Hotel

“Àer” is a piece of contemporary dance and electronic music that rethinks the popular traditional dance of contrapàs and its music from a modern, personal and subjective point of view. The performance reflects on the beginnings and execution of the contrapàs, a dance with religious origins, a solemn character and, originally, only performed by men. Its character is preserved in order to create a choreography where genre loses importance, and it can be performed by both men and women.

With “Àer”, Laia Santanach has won the III Delfí Colomé Prize, an annual award that promotes the creation of new dancing projects with traditional roots.


Idea and direction: Laia Santanach

Choreography: Laia Santanach in collaboration with the performers

Dancers: Anna Hierro, Laia Santanach and Mario G.Sàez

Musical composition: Carlos Martorell

Choreographic advice: Sonia Gómez

Specific advice on the contrapàs (popular Catalan dance): Lali Mateu, Carles Mas, Àngel Marginedes and Pilar López Arcos

Costumes: Maria Sala de Buen

Day: 4 October 2019

Place: Crypt of la Reparació church