2019 – PASSION

The theme of the edition was: Passion.

The inputs which we receive daily generate visceral reactions that have different degrees of intensity, those reactions are not always proportional to the input received. Inside our body there is an emotional filter that transforms perceived information and makes it our own, then it distorts it and remakes it with its own personal stamp; that’s passion.

Hallucinations, enthusiasm, excitement, intensity, bursts of emotion, on the one hand. Agony, suffering, asphyxia, pain or sorrow, on the other. Along with desire, devotion, seduction, eroticism or lust. Stimuli that arise after going through everybody’s personal and unique filter, which then acquire an energy that transcends the feeling itself. Overcharged feelings that move us, make us people and take us so far away from reality that sometimes they manage to place us in the foreground, in the most sincere part of truth, in the most intense part of life, in the midst of the deepest feelings, in the most penetrating respect and the most infinite generosity.

1 [Common Lexicon] Action of suffering an inflicted sorrow.

3 [Common Lexicon] [Psy] [Phil] Intense emotion.

3 [Common Lexicon] [Psy] [Phil] Vigorous, fierce, violent inclination towards something.

3 [Common Lexicon] Burning need.

4 [Psy] Intense sexual inclination or emotion, deeply rooted.

Source: Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Diccionari de la llengua catalana


1 Action of suffering.

3 The opposite of action.

6 Intense inclination or preference towards another person.

7 Fierce impulse towards something.

Source: Real Academia Española, Diccionario de la lengua española

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