The authors tell us that passion transforms like a metamorphosis, because it stirs us from within and changes us forever. That’s why, in their intervention, they have decided to focus on a transforming element that becomes the body and home of change: “la Crisàlide” (the chrysalis).

The installation has taken this idea as a starting point, as in a chrysalis, a single red thread weaves a light and navigable network that, suspended in the air and attached to the facade of the palace, covers the whole courtyard. The structure is clearly visible from the street, from where bystanders can gaze at the track of the threads that draw lines and shadows on the walls and floor, while interacting with the space and architecture of the location. Moreover, the street spectator may get lost in their own thoughts while contemplating an intervention that seeks to transform their vision of ephemeral art.

Alexandre Franquesa and Neus Masdeu


Alexandre Franquesa and Neus Masdeu met at the Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design, in Barcelona, where they decided to create the Fil-Free association, a laboratory of ideas in which different artistic projects can be created.

Neus was born in 1997 in Arenys de Mar, she is a University Degree student in Art and Design at the Escola Massana and has already done a series of artistic residencies, several group exhibitions and has worked with several institutions and national artists. Her artistic training gives conceptual richness to all the projects in which she participates.

Alexandre was born in Barcelona in 1979, he studied Biology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. He has been part of several group exhibitions, and he is currently an artistic resident in the Roca Umbert creation factory, where he is producing his pictorial work. His scientific training gives technical rigour to the building of artistic installations.

The synthesis of these two very different life journeys that understand each other when creating as a group results in the creation of interesting projects that move between art and science.