Llençols de passió

The representation of a desired and passionate love between two lovers, the tension of two intertwined bodies dancing to the same rhythm, while sheets move breaking the silence of the lovers.

Two separate elements that unite and embrace out of passion. A passion represented by two bodies, together but separate, that intertwine to combine as one only, representing the union of the lovers.

Anna Juncà Frigola, David Oliva Torras and Elisenda Planas Costa


Anna Juncà Frigola is an interior designer and the founder of Atelier4, a professional interior design studio located in Banyoles. They specialise in the planning and direction of interior design works, as well as in window dressing and ephemeral architecture projects.

David Oliva Torras and Elisenda Planas Costa are architects and founding partners in SP25 Arquitectura, an office located in Vic. They specialise in the area of management and development of architectural projects, exhibition design and ephemeral works, as well as interior design services and mediation in participatory processes. In parallel to their technical activity they created the KRAFT studio, a training space that provides children’s workshops related, mainly, to architecture, urban planning and building, where they place particular emphasis on the planning and creative process.

Atelier4 and SP24 Arquitectura are regular collaborators, primarily in the field of ephemeral works, a sector in which they have received numerous distinctions.