La passió

The concept of “passion” is generally associated with the red colour. However, passion is a mix of sensations and cannot be limited to a single feeling or a single colour. In this work, red is not the only colour that shows, there are other colours that also gain momentum and become main characters.

The shadows and reflections that the work generates change throughout the day, which reminds us that passion is not always experienced in the same way. The shape taken by the intervention represents euphoria; an explosion of colours and feelings that arises when we feel passion, whatever the type.

Maria Sayós Bigas

Pati del Convent de Sant Joan de Jerusalem


Maria Sayós Bigas is a student of the School of Art and Design of the Regional Government of Tarragona in Reus. She has created various projects of ephemeral works and stage design, amongst others. Her passion is focused on creating ephemeral architecture accompanied by graphic design. She considers that a project has to find solutions and adapt to the social and cultural changes among citizens.

She wants to explain to society that this type of architecture is necessary and involves different elements: visual tools, artistic concepts, architectural projects… She seeks to achieve bold results, which are different and vivid, being at the same time a non-conformist and a meticulous person.