The theme of the eighth edition, corresponding to the year 202, is: Curiosity.

Discovering and learning go hand in hand. And many times we do not link both concepts because we have fun uncovering stories that were silenced, unmasking faces that were unfamiliar, or undressing figures who had never felt so close. And while we research and explore we always end up surprising ourselves, conquering what we saw as unattainable, and plugging ourselves into the truth.

Curiosity moves us and binds us to reality: it reveals what we don’t know, it shows what we don’t want to display, and it externalises our interior. The process has the function of uncovering our weaknesses, of fervently investigating what was previously shown to us with discretion and of finding, in everyday life, the maximum rarities and complicities. This whole mechanism results in the authenticity of people, the accuracy of our thinking, and the unequivocal assertion that as we discover we are educated, trained, and we learn non-stop.

1 f. [Common Lexicon] Quality of being curious. Someone who cares to see, to know, something.
2 f. [Common Lexicon] Strange, weird thing, that generates interest and attracts attention.
Source: Dictionary of the Institute of Catalan Studies.


1.f. Quality of being curious. Prone to finding out foreign things and learning what one doesn’t know.
4. adj. Attracts attention or arouses interest because of its rarity and originality.
Source: Dictionary of the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language.

DEMIÜRG - Gerard Bertomeu, Pep Tornabell and Enrique Soriano
INQUIETUDS Z - Helena Cortès and Paula Roch
DESPUNTANT - Cristina Bestratén and pupils from schools in Tortosa
LUCERNA - Manuel Bouzas and Santiago del Aguila
ESTIRANT EL FIL - Estel Jou and Ramon Heras
GOLD DIGGER - Nicola Baldassarre, Salvatore Dentamaro, Francesco Di Salvo and Ilyass Erraklaouy
DE CEL A TERRA - Álvaro Alcázar del Águila, Miquel Figueras Segalà and Lucia Huerta de Fernando