Curiosity is to wander in search of the unimagined. It is to flow through the everyday. Or is it perhaps to want to change things as we know them now?

We understand curiosity as the constant need to journey into the unknown, which is associated with a living, incessant and intrepid element, an unstoppable river. Franquet Passage is turned into a dynamic passageway flowing between two streets. As we follow its flow, we see eight majestic waterfalls cascading down along the way and flowing through it. This makes Franquet Passage a space that we can experience and journey through from the start.

“VUIT CASCADES” is an ephemeral textile intervention that aims to integrate the entire space and revitalise the central area of the passageway.

Luis Albino


Luis Albino, a Peruvian national, is a graduate of the School of Architecture of the Continental University of Peru. In 2019, he founded Eletres Studio, a space dedicated to constant experimentation in public space and the creation of ephemeral architecture projects. He has been a finalist in several competitions and contests in different countries specialising in designing temporary spaces.