Installation created in the School of Art and Design of the Regional Council of Tarragona in Reus with the collaboration of the School of Art and Design of the Regional Council of Tarragona in Tortosa

In response to the criticism faced by the younger generation of designers, which has increased due to the current situation, they wanted to take advantage of the theme of curiosity to demonstrate that they also have concerns, worries, curiosity and values for the world around them.

Curiosity is described as a natural behaviour or instinct shared by all human beings which arises in order to learn something that we are unable to discover. This curiosity can be seen in our observation of everything around us and in our desire to improve everything within reach. It allows us to explore the world and at the same time, increase our knowledge. As we grow up, curiosity defines us as people.

The purpose of this intervention is to portray all these thoughts, exhibiting the questions that are asked every day and for which there are no answers. It is an opportunity to expose a group of lives filled with curiosity: a curiosity that motivates them to carry out certain actions throughout their lives that describe their journey. With this installation they want to show who they are and what they are like.

The intervention plays with the repetition of an exhibition element created from the movement of translucent fabrics. A series of questions have been printed on these born out of the curiosity of generation Z, obtained through various media. The colours used are black and white, a range of just two colours so as not to detract from the natural colours of the space itself.

Helena Cortès and Paula Roch

Pati de l’Escola d’Art i Disseny de la Diputació de Tarragona a Tortosa


Helena Cortès, from Reus, and Paula Roch, from Tarragona, are colleagues and friends who met at the School of Art and Design of the Regional Council of Tarragona in Reus, studying Projects and Management of Interior Design Works and Ephemeral Architecture. They have worked together on several individual projects and have entered several competitions together. They currently collaborate in the 1000 Arquitectures and NUA Arquitectures studios as interior designers.