Discovering and learning go hand in hand. Yet we often don’t link them because we are having fun unearthing stories that were silenced, unmasking faces that were unknown or uncovering figures that had never felt so close.

Adding dots manually – as if they were fully ordered pixels, on a different scale and from a digital scan – creates the process that unmasks some initially unfamiliar faces and unveils blurred silhouettes. The initial drops become spots, the spots become shadows and the shadows make out figures.

Within this process is the force that insinuates what we do not know and motivates us to continue because we want to learn, because we hope to get an answer and because we need to make sense of it.

The installation is based on the journey between a blank canvas and all the points that stimulate the curiosity of the final discovery.

Cristina Bestratén and pupils from schools in Tortosa

Courtyard of the Museum of Tortosa



An installation designed by Cristina Bestratén, architect, teacher and the festival’s director, and created with the collaboration of pupils from Col·legi Diocesà Sagrada Família, Escola Cinta Curto, Escola El Temple, Escola de Ferreries, Escola la Mercè, Escola de Remolins, Escola de Sant Llàtzer, Institut Cristòfol Despuig, Institut Dertosa and Institut-Escola Daniel Mangrané.