Installation invited by the Transéphèmeres MED project


Light has always been a central theme in architecture.

The history of religious spaces is the history of a struggle between gravity and light.

We have a religious space, we know about gravity, but we are worried about the light.


This light is unlike any other.

During the day, it transforms.

In the evening it recovers.

And at nightfall it remains.


Either it has no direction or it has a million.

It is both abundant and scarce.

It is a light that has been designed and exaggerated.

It is hidden, or rather trapped.


Only a few curious onlookers have discovered it.


Bouzas. del Aguila is an experimental architecture workshop located in Madrid and founded by Manuel Bouzas (Pontevedra, 1993) and Santiago del Aguila (Madrid, 1992). Their work focuses on the design and production of prototypes and temporary installations, exploring new manufacturing technologies and radical structural typologies. Their work has been recognised with the COAM Emerging Award 2020 and exhibited at the 15th BEAU (2021) and 16th Venice Biennale (2018) exhibitions.

Manuel is an architect who studied at the ETSAM (UPM), where he also worked as an assistant teacher in the Department of Architectural Projects. He has been a visiting researcher at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and was awarded the World Tour Award 2020 by the Fondazione Renzo Piano. His final degree project has received 8 awards in different national and international competitions.

Santiago is an architect who studied at San Pablo CEU University, where he obtained the award for Outstanding Academic Achievement during his degree. He is currently based in London, where he is studying for a Master’s Degree in Digital Media and Manufacturing at the Bartlett School of Architecture (University College London). His academic research focuses on the circular economy and active architecture, fusing mechanical elements with domestic environments, establishing a metaphorical connection with our growing digital footprint. He also has a robot in his room.