Space sponsored by URV’s Campus Extens in Tortosa

“GOLD DIGGER” is an installation that explores the world of curiosity and our desire for discovery.

The intervention includes a large curtain covering the Sant Jaume and Sant Maties courtyard, composed of thermal blankets that have been joined together. The installation uses the intrinsic property of the material, having two different faces, to create a duality between two spaces: hot/cold, light/shadow, gold/silver, inside/outside. The gold side faces the courtyard and the silver side faces the building, creating a colour difference between the entrance area and the upper courtyard. The curtain is perforated at specific points with circular holes so that light can enter and the user is curious to find out what is hidden behind the curtain. The user’s curiosity makes them go through the curtain and enter a different world, from the silver darkness of the entrance to the golden light of the courtyard.

Nicola Baldassarre, Salvatore Dentamaro, Francesco Di Salvo and Ilyass Erraklaouy


The architects Nicola Baldassarre, Salvatore Dentamaro, Francesco Di Salvo and Ilyass Erraklaouy met in an architectural studio in Barcelona. Each of them has followed a different path in the world of architecture but their friendship has reunited them to participate in the A Cel Obert competition.

Ilyass, from Tortosa, is a graduate of the Barcelona School of Architecture and is currently studying for a Master’s degree in BIM management at the UPC School. He worked for a number of different types of architectural firms before becoming an architect specialising in BIM in the office where he currently works in Barcelona.

Nicola specialised in ephemeral architecture with a Master’s degree from the IUAV University of Venice.

Salvatore specialised in sustainable architecture with a Master’s degree from La Sapienza University in Rome.

Salvatore and Nicola are co-founders of the Arcipelago collective, a team of 5 Italian architects who have participated in different competitions, winning awards such as Europan 13 and creating different ephemeral installations in Italy and Portugal.

Francesco has a degree in architecture from Politecnico di Bari. He has specialised in 3D graphic visualisation in Rome and works in the fields of architectural visualisation and ephemeral installations. He currently collaborates with various firms in Italy and Spain and is dedicated to the study of photography.