As if it were an Oriental silk robe, this work is made up of a dossal (baldaquí) composed of anodised aluminium chains of a suggestive red colour, with bright reflections when seen against the light. Even though this fabric is thick enough to block your sight, filter the rays of the sun and create an internal space, the typology of these chains allows for prying and curious eyes.

Given the fact that a lot of passions and emotions are able to distort our perception, this is precisely what they proposed in this work: a distortion of the space, the light and the shapes that will hopefully be able to awaken intense passions in the visitors. Definitively, a dossal that exalts the space and arouses passion in the senses.

Joan Bardy and Jean Orliac


Joan Bardy and Jean Orliac, architects and friends, studied together at the Vallès School of Architecture.

They have grown up integrating both French and Catalan culture in their ideas, something that they keep doing in their professional life. They work in France and Catalonia on their own projects as well as in bigger ones in collaboration with the offices of Michèle&Miquel and Archikubik. Beyond this national ambivalence, they have also experienced German and Portuguese culture personally through university exchanges.