El buit i el ple

For the A Cel Obert festival, they propose a sculptural intervention in which the visitor, when entering the cloister of Sant Domènec, finds an inaccessible courtyard full of transparent spheres.

By means of these spheres they will manage to transform emptiness into a filled space. These light elements will suggest a courtyard full of volumes, reflections and vibrations that will distort the environment, making dynamic a space that is usually static, empty and inert.

The cloister, a motionless space empty of objects, empty of people and empty of sounds and noises, will be filled with life during the days of the festival. They also point out that it may be interesting to observe the intervention from the perimeter gallery of the upper floor of the courtyard, looking at the arrangement from another point of view. That is why they invite the spectator to observe, reflect and interpret the staging.

Inés Virtanen and Sandra Anglés


“El buit i el ple” (The Empty and the Full) is the proposal presented by Inés Virtanen from Barcelona and Sandra Anglés from Reus, both holding higher education qualifications in Interior Design from the Llotja School of Barcelona and the latter having also completed studies in Projection and Direction of Works of Decoration and Ephemeral Architecture at the Art School of Reus.

The creators of this project met at the Llotja School in Barcelona where they worked together on personal projects and entered various competitions. They currently collaborate in the firms Barcelona Intersa SL and Agora Decoradors SL respectively as interior designers.