Tot és aigua

“Tot és aigua” is a work that contrasts with its surroundings, the courtyard itself. A waterfall originates from the building itself, giving it life, movement and lightness, but it also contrasts with itself, as the base is a pool of physical water and the waterfall is virtual water, a video projection. The water base is also a mirror that reflects the building.

The work is complemented by the performance of a dancer, a soprano singer and digital audio. A performance, within the installation itself, that revolves around inertia and life. The voice of the soprano above the waterfall gives way to the dancer coming out of the pool.



Joan Bagés i Rubi (sound artist)

Cecília Aymí López (soprano)

Jaume Martínez (visuals)


Mireia Andreu is the author of the project “Tot és aigua” (Everything is water). This woman, originally from Tortosa itself, studied stage direction and drama at the Institute of Theatre of Barcelona. She met Rodrigo García of La Carnicería Teatro and started collaborating as an assistant director with him for 6 years, participating in different productions throughout Europe. Among other awards, they have won the renowned Ubu for Theater in Italy. From 2006 she started the “Woh” video creation project with which she has participated in different festivals around the world.