Buit / Ple

Their installation for the festival aims to transport the natural and agricultural universe of the river Ebro to an urban and orderly space in the city of Tortosa. The use of natural light and everyday elements, such as the cane, leads to the creation – due to their repetition – of a dense space, which is fragile and changing at the same time.

Contrary to the idea of the perimeter porches of the slaughterhouse, their proposal occupies the courtyard and takes over the void. The aim is to create a new landscape that offers cross-views between the inside and the outside of the installation.

Enric Navarro, Anna Prats and Joan Valls


“Buit / Ple” (Empty / Full) is the proposal presented by the architects Enric Navarro from Tortosa, Anna Prats from Maçanet de la Selva and Joan Valls from Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana.

Enric Navarro is a member of the Editorial Board of the architecture magazine HIC>. He has won the award at the ISOVER International Competition in Ljubljana and has worked, among others, with the architects Josep Lluís Ginovart, Jordi Badia (BAAS), and Mario Corea. He currently works at Blanch Conca Arquitectura.

Anna Prats won an honourable mention at the XI Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism for her Final Degree Project. She has completed a Postgraduate Degree in Building Rehabilitation and has worked, among others, with Josep Llobet and Corada-Figueras. She currently works in the office of Mario Corea.

Joan Valls won the 2012 AJAC Award for his Final Degree Project. He has a Master’s degree in Theory and Practice of the Architectural Project and a Postgraduate Degree in Project Management. He has also collaborated in the Project Department of the ETSAB and has been working in the Ravetllat-Ribas firm since 2008.

Together, they have won first prize in the competition “Les 16 Portes de Collserola” (The 16 doors of Collserola) and the “Young architects and small spaces” award for the trade fair of Sant Antoni. In 2013 they participated in the program Micro-urbanisations, building three public spaces for the city of Barcelona.