The theme of the edition was: Perspective.

Perspective is, at the very least, a dual concept. It is the technique we use to represent something and it is the result of this representation. We can say that it is a journey and it is an end, it is a process and it is also a purpose.

By analogy, we call perspective the point of view from which we observe things. People perceive reality differently as they grow older. When we are children it seems to us that that building on the corner is giant; gradually, as we get older, our perception of the building changes.

All other animals experience these changes in the same way as us and as a result this gives them a different point of view of their reality. The world is not perceived the same way by a slithering snail, a flying butterfly, a fish underwater or a gliding bird.

Perspective is, therefore, a natural and diverse phenomenon, evolutionary and progressive, changing and dynamic.

1 [Common Lexic] [ART] Geometric representation of three-dimensional objects on a two-dimensional surface.

2 [Common Lexic] [ART] View of a set of objects that gives a distant impression.

Source: Institut d’Estudis Catalans, Diccionari de la llengua catalana


4 Misleading and fallacious representation of things.

5 Point of view from which an issue is considered or analysed.

6 Vision, considered in principle more adjusted to reality, which is favoured by the observation already distant, spatially or temporally, of any fact or phenomenon.

Source: Real Academia Española, Diccionario de la lengua española

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