A reflection, reality as a metaphor. A minimal, subtle intervention based on the construction of a water mirror. It is about making fiction, producing an unusual perspective that plays with space and makes it huge, immense. The courtyard of the building is reflected under our feet and gives us the illusion of continuity, of infinity. Reality and fiction converge at this point and the observer has the feeling of floating, levitating.

A dream come true. The beauty of the long, slender columns, that grow upwards to the sky, and are now sinking while extending the perspective to a place unknown until that moment. But we soon find out that everything is a lie, a small breath of air stirs the surface of the water and some very small – almost imperceptible – waves break the magic of the moment. Once again, what is permanent imposes itself, the mystery disappears and we see that dreams are short, ephemeral. Then we enter the darkroom and reality again questions what is in front of us, what is below happens to take a place at the top. Where are we? The world turned upside down.

Màrius Domingo Urbaneja and Manuel Pérez Saavedra


Màrius Domingo Urbaneja is an engineer who graduated from the UPC (Polytechnic University of Barcelona) and got a PhD from the URV (Rovira and Virgili University), as well as an art critic and independent curator. He is a member of the editorial board of the magazine Artiga (Contemporary Art and Thought), he has been a regular contributor to the art magazine Bonart and is also manager of the website since 2007.

Manuel Pérez Saavedra, from Alicante, has lived in Tarragona since 2001. He trained as an architect in Valencia and Denmark, specialising in heritage at the UPC. Before moving to Tarragona, he collaborated with architects in Croatia and Brazil. He is currently a member of the D2arq office and a member of the Heritage Commission of the Generalitat de Catalunya in Tarragona.