The intervention “Globoverd” (GreenBalloon) has as a main feature a custom-made balloon that expands and invades the courtyard space completely. The balloon grows until it gets to interact with the architecture that contains it. The air, acting in a structural way, presses against the plastic (low-density polyethylene) which must then face the solid shapes that limit it and, at the same time, form its final shape.

Taken over by the green inflatable device, the courtyard is transformed through this new texture, the lighting and the colour, acquiring a new identity. Penique productions invites the viewer to freely access the interior of the balloons and the inner courtyard, in order to experience different sensations and new perspectives.

Penique productions

Courtyard of Sant Jaume and Sant Maties



In 2007, Sergi Arbusà created the inflatable installation Espai 1 at the School of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona and, with this, the artistic collective Penique productions was born. In 2008, with the support of a grant, the project travelled to Nottingham where it consolidated its line of research and a second member joined in: Pablo Baqué.

After having completed several interventions in Nottingham, at the “Cerka’l Festival” in Piera and at the “Market State Project” in London, in 2010, Chamo San and Pol Clusella joined the project. Together, they set up the “Forat de l’Escala” (Stairwell) installation in Barcelona. For the next four years, the group travelled the world taking on new challenges and conquering new places such as Madrid, Genoa, Querétaro, Mexico City, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Amsterdam, Vilanova de Cerveira, Paris, Beirut and Lisbon, until they returned to the University of Barcelona where they presented the work “Galeria del Paranimf”, the last of Pablo and Chamo as members of the group.

From 2014, Sergi continued to move the project around Rio de Janeiro where he had lived since 2008. He also had the collaboration of new members; and Pol did the same in Barcelona. Together they travelled to Rome and also came back to Lisbon and Paris. In 2016, Pol got off the boat to board another.

Today, Sergi continues to run Penique productions with the invaluable help of Enrique Barro, ever since his stay in Mexico in August 2017, together with all the relatives, friends and collaborators who make it all possible.