Out of Neither

His proposal consists of transforming the space by remodelling the floor of the Montagut Palace with yellow and black signalling tape to turn it into a space modified by optical and kinetic effects. The Out of Neither project has the particularity of adapting to the space, always using the analysis of the architecture of the place as its base, reinterpreting it and working on its limits.

Yellow and black diagonal stripes are the basic elements of the work: they create the shape, colour and texture and can be seen as pixels that are combined in a simple binary system that becomes complex from the moment vector directions and various mathematical formulae are applied in order to create motion or distortion effects. This pixelated effect gives rise to shapes that are close to Op-art, derived from the psychology of perception, which force the observer to continuously establish visual relationships with the environment from different perspectives for the correct appreciation of the work.

Víctor Solanas-Díaz


Víctor Solanas-Díaz is an artist born in Tolosa (Gipuzkoa), he has a PhD in Art History and a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Salamanca. He has also studied Piano and Composition at the Conservatory of Salamanca. This twofold aspect in his training becomes apparent in his artistic work, which fluctuates between the analysis of the temporal factor, in relation to cultural processes, and the dimension of reality as a system that can be modified through discourse. All of this has always come out in the form of artistic interventions understood as scenography and space for public reflection.

Solanas-Díaz has been awarded scholarships by institutions such as the Casa de Velázquez, the BilbaoArte Foundation, the University of Salamanca and the Provincial Government of Zaragoza. His work has been selected for more than a hundred awards and competitions in fine arts, and he has participated in contemporary art fairs across the country such as Arco and JustMad.