Punts de vista

We propose a global analysis of the different meanings of the word perspective, responding to each of them through the interaction with the installation. This is initially presented as a deception, a false representation of what will later be revealed as text, which makes us uncomfortable and calls on the spectator to force himself to make sense of what he is seeing.

In an effort to capture the visitor’s attention, the most traditional interpretation of perspective is used: they represent a two-dimensional image on a three-dimensional space. By walking around the perimeter of the courtyard, a piece of writing is discovered that alludes to the concept of perspective as a distant and reflective vision of reality.

Meritxell Solé Figueras and Jordi Martínez Píñol

Pati del Convent de Sant Joan de Jerusalem


Meritxell Solé Figueras and Jordi Martínez Piñol have been friends and colleagues since they began studying Architecture at the ETSA in Barcelona twenty years ago.

Meritxell is from Torredembarra and currently has her own architecture and management office. She is in love with art and a self-taught expert on the use of colour in architecture.

Jordi is from Tivenys and currently lives in Barcelona. He works in architecture and construction companies, and he also shares Meritxell’s love for art.

Together they carry out activities to escape the monotony of everyday life, such as travelling, exploring art through exhibitions or taking part in competitions such as this one.