A starling is a small bird with generally dark plumage. This bird characteristically flies in flocks of hundreds or thousands of specimens, which feed in the fields during the day and at night seek the warmth of towns and cities to sleep. Its flight is energetic and direct, thanks to its short wings and tail. In winter, large flocks move in synchronicity. It is a show that is amazing to see and hear, when they suddenly take wing after hiding among the reeds.

In this installation, the aim has been to bring this show to life at the same time it has served as a tool to explain what “perspective” is in a didactic way in classrooms. Stroll around and watch the flight of the starlings, discover how their flight creates amazing shapes!

Students from 7 schools in Tortosa


In this fourth edition of A Cel Obert, ephemeral art has sought to reach out to younger audiences. This collaborative intervention has been carried out by students from 7 schools in Tortosa: Institut Cristòfol Despuig, Institut-Escola Daniel Mangrané, Institut Joaquín Bau, Col·legi Diocesà Sagrada Família, Escola Cinta Curto, Escola Ferreries and Escola Sant Llàtzer.