Installation invited by the Transefímers project of the Xarxa Transversal.


The earth is dying of thirst.

According to UNESCO: “Groundwater already provides half of the planet’s drinking water.”

Thinking that drinking water is infinite is an error of the senses.

“The world’s aquifers are in danger of drying up,” says Debra Perrone, professor of Environmental Studies at the University of California (UCSB).

Believing that drinking water is infinite is taking reality at face value.

According to a report by Greenpeace: “44% of the bodies of groundwater in Spain are in poor condition. Overexploitation has been prioritised over water cycle regeneration.”

Believing that drinking water is infinite is an illusion.



Juli Sanjuan Palma is an architect and scenographer from Figueres.

He has created several installations of ephemeral architecture in various festivals in Catalonia and for the Gau Zuria in Bilbao. As a scenographer, he has worked on different theatre projects that premiered in Girona (La Planeta) and Barcelona (IT, Teatre Maldà, Dau al Sec and Sala Melmac) as well as advising on the stage space for bands and dramatized readings (Teatre Coliseum, Palau de la Música Catalana and Teatre Romea). Since 2021 he has worked for Barcelona Festival de Nadal, the Christmas festival.

Juli currently combines his professional work with teaching, lecturing in technical drawing, design and ephemeral installations at ESDAP Catalunya and EASD Pau Gargallo (Badalona).