Compàs d’espera (Bar rest) on a sheet of music is a bar made up entirely of silences.

We could say that rhythm is the element of music that measures the duration of sounds and silences.

An anechoic chamber is a room designed to absorb all the sound that hits the walls in such a way that the effects of echo and acoustic reverberation disappear.

Bales of straw, resulting from the separation of the grain from the part that is inedible to humans, but not to animals such as cows and horses.

The walls of straw dampen sound in the same way as an anechoic chamber. Rhythm is the element of music that we most instinctively understand. Perhaps because rhythm is also a part of nature. Many natural phenomena are cyclical, rhythmic, repeating themselves periodically, with peaks of activity and troughs of rest.

Straw is a reuse element that responds to these seasonal crop cycles.

This project creates rhythms with sound and the absence thereof. The installation is a game of transitions between sound and silence.

Íngrid Bru, Aida Adcock, Facundo Viera i Joan Rehues


Íngrid Bru, Aida Adcock, Facundo Viera and Joan Rehues are a group of architect friends. They met at the Technical Superior School of Architecture in Reus and are all interested in creativity, different artistic languages, sustainability and fun.