An entry starring you, the environment and everything that surrounds us.
Have you ever thought about the frenetic pace we live at? Have you stopped to observe the rhythm of the city, the pedestrians or the cars? Have you ever laid down in the middle of nature to see how fast the clouds above us pass by? And to watch the final moments of a sunset, before the last ray of sunshine is gone?
Up to down is an entry created to make us think and see the rhythm of everything that surrounds us, the people who pass by, walking down the high street, the change of light according to the time of day, the life of neighbours on the balconies, the activities that take place on the roads that turn on to the high street…
It is a space designed to interact with the biological rhythm of each person within the space where this entry is located.
Have you ever taken a moment to carefully observe everything that is happening at a precise moment and the rhythm at which it occurs? Is it a leisurely rhythm? Is it a frenetic rhythm? What about you?
What’s your rhythm?



ExtrapolarStudio is made up of two art lovers: Lluna Castellón and Vanessa Alcalà. They studied Ephemeral Architecture and Interior Design at the Escola d’Art i Disseny (School of Art and Design) in Reus, and since finishing, they have not stopped working on what they are passionate about. They have three years of experience as freelancers and as a team, working on both interior design and ephemeral architecture projects, including several music videos, institutional events, TEDx Tarragona backdrops and settings and private renovations.