The most vital rhythm. If it stops, life ends, when we get excited, it speeds up, if we relax, it slows down…

The functioning of the human heart is sketched out within the courtyard. Four different-sized chiral spheres light up, reproducing the flow of blood through their interior. First the atria and then the ventricles, a few seconds apart.

Outside, on Montcada Street, a flashing red light with the sound of a heartbeat, which comes from inside the building, attracts the attention of pedestrians, piquing the curiosity that will lead them to discover this space.

An installation designed and developed by ESARDI (School of Art and Design in Amposta)


An installation designed and developed by ESARDI (School of Art and Design in Amposta), coordinated by the teachers Jordi Martínez, Marian Marín and Jordi Talarn, and with the collaboration of the students Sonia Gavilan González, Galya Jorba Sánchez, Marta Franch Forcadell, Houriya Aidy, Eva Marro Llosa, Mehreen Tahir, Daniela González Cruz, David Pons De Prado, Lidia Sánchez Aleixendri and Georgiana Ursada.

The continually growing renown that the festival has achieved throughout these lands has led to a festival entry being chosen as a piece of coursework this year. The proposals correspond to different groups formed by interior design students, although many students have also studied graphic design. The origins and training of the teaching staff is also very varied, generating a fascinating diversity when evaluating and correcting the project.