Ritmes de la terra is an installation that explores the ethereal rhythm of nature superimposed upon the anthropized rhythm of the courtyard.

The zenithal light filters through a canopy of leaves that immerses us in a cloister dominated by the force of nature. The rhythm of the falling leaves, their dancing movements, evokes the passage of time. They conquer the space, intermingle in the defined structure of the cloister, challenging its compositional rhythm, created by the human hand. They accumulate irregularly, forming small piles around the edges of the courtyard. The crunch underfoot roots us and brings us closer to the unfolding of life. The leaves become the main element of the project and the visitor interacts with them: picking them up, piling them, throwing them, lying on them…

Yellows, greens, browns, oranges and reds colonise the courtyard. Autumn colours remind us that life also has its own rhythm.

Mikel Comas, Clara Grenzner, Natalia Morató i Miriam Ruiz


Miriam, Natàlia, Mikel and Clara are a group of architects from the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès (Vallès School of Architecture).

Miriam works on her own projects and collaborates with the Jornet Llop Pastor and E32 practices. Her professional career is centred on the fields of urban projects and housing.
Natàlia has worked in various practices focusing on the search for new models of habitability, management of energy and material resources. She currently works as an architect at the architects’ cooperative Arqbag.
Mikel is an architect from the ETSAV (Vallès School of Architecture) and ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture) schools, where he developed his interest in architecture that is firmly rooted in the Catalan territory. He works from the essence of the place, sensitivity to the environment and sustainability, looking for the point of convergence between the landscape and architecture.
Clara has participated with the Iudum workshop at the Certamen de Arte Efímero Des-Adarve (Ephemeral Art Competition Des-Adarve) with the project Perderse para encontrarse. She has also taken part in the Lluèrnia festival on two occasions with the Flora Urbana and La llum en joc projects.