“No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.” William Blake.

A ritme de colors is a sculptural, kinetic and immersive installation made up of 100 colored cutouts attached to the columns on the first floor of the courtyard.

The viewer will be able to observe the different chromatic effects, lights and shapes, depending on from where they observe the installation, either from the ground floor of the courtyard or from the first floor.
The movement of colours and the continuous changes in light, throughout the day and night, give the viewer an immersive visual experience.
Just as the colours of this sculptural installation randomly synchronise to form a dance to the rhythm of the wind, human beings must begin to fly in unison to thrive as a united and integrated species on the planet we inhabit.

Art as a universal language, translated in this case “To the rhythm of colours” (“A ritme de colors”).


Pablo Cros studied Sculpture and Ceramics at the Superior Design School of Murcia.
After living in the city of Puebla, Mexico, where he exhibited at the Gallery of Contemporary Art, he moved to the shores of the Mar Menor in Cartagena, where he currently lives and works.

As an artist, he maintains several lines of work, moving between sculpture, material painting and sculptural installations.

His work has almost always revolved around nature, where by investigating different techniques and processes, he allows the materials to be configured as nature itself would, leaving environmental factors to shape or intervene in the work. In this way, great value is given to the process of creation and transformation of the piece, where time plays a fundamental role in the result.