Courtyard of the Royal Monastery of la Puríssima Concepció Victòria

Located on Carrer de Montcada, the monastery of La Puríssima was inaugurated on May 30th, 1644, with the entry of nine cloistered nuns from Santa Clara. The monastic enclosure is one of the oldest in the city and was once equipped with 1500 m2 of garden and 112 m2 of cloister.

Although it was badly damaged during the last Spanish Civil War, its church is one of the most important works of the remarkable Valencian master Juan Ibáñez and shows many of the features that define its architecture: the use of domed structure on horns, with a high cupola, and square presbyteries. Despite the destruction, samples of the Renaissance constructions remain in the inner courtyard.

The monastery of La Puríssima has a piece of high artistic value, the “veneradíssim Sant Crist de la Puríssima”, considered a masterpiece of the Baroque in Catalonia. It belonged to Bishop Veschi, who brought it from Italy and gave it to the monastery of La Puríssima at the time of its foundation. This is a polychrome wooden image by the Italian sculptor Humili da Petràlia, dated 1635 in Palermo.

Location: Carrer Montcada, 40

Author: Juan Ibáñez

Year: 1644

Architectural style: Baroque with reforms

Current use: Reception services

Covered courtyard area: 38.50 m2

Uncovered courtyard area: 30 m2