The proposal “ACÚSTIC” (Acoustic) comes out of the conception of the space as a dynamic, mutant and permeable act, which influences and questions our personal relationships and our own relationship with the context. This work is an invitation to play and interact. It suggests a meeting point where co-existence, recognition and the acceptance of others unleash the creative potential in a collective act.

It invites us to enter into a huge musical instrument thus exploring an ever-changing universe, fleeting, where each person builds unique sound images, in order to create a space of joy, relaxation and ideation. You have to use your own body to create the music of movement, unique and ephemeral, a product of the collaboration between participants and their interaction with the environment.

Through a simple process of experimentation, “ACÚSTIC” proposes a framework where you can question your own responsibility in the collective act.

Maria Gabriela Bondancia Robledo and Miguel Lorente Marín


Maria Gabriela Bondancia Robledo, from Buenos Aires, is a graphic designer and exhibition space designer. She has worked for thirteen years for the Cultural Secretariat of the Government of Buenos Aires and for the Recoleta Cultural Centre in exhibition production and design and graphic design. Furthermore, she is an illustrator and writes for magazines in Argentina.

Miguel Lorente Marín, from Barcelona, is an architect and has worked as such in this very same city since 1995. He has worked as a coordinator of maintenance of equipment and public spaces in Barcelona City Council and in the development of the Special Plan for the Protection of the Architectural Heritage and Catalogue of the city of Barcelona.

They currently work producing and designing works, set-ups and shows in Barcelona, Girona and Buenos Aires.