The work ROT-OCTO consists in organising the space through the movement of an octagonal structure converted into a dichotomy of vertical and horizontal planes that are confluent between themselves. This structure has been designed to transport the user to an environment in which everything is movement: the structure itself, made up of rotating arches that have movement as part of their geometric nature; the message that such nature hides, that can only be revealed by making a composition through the displacement of the arches, and the circulation that all this originates since the installation forces users to surround it and therefore move along with it.

So this work achieves the maximum expression between movement and human beings from a minimal architectural statement. Architecture is movement, space is movement. WE ARE MOVEMENT.

María Ramos Nebot


María Ramos Nebot is an Interior Design student at the ESNE, University School of Design, Innovation and Technology, in Madrid. She has complemented her training with an ERASMUS grant at the Milan Polytechnic studying a degree in Building Architecture.

She has taken part in various competitions such as the Festival Des Architectures Vives in Montpellier, and she has collaborated in different projects for CASADECOR and also in the creation and development of a Reebok showroom. At present she collaborates with the GARCIAGERMAN ARQUITECTOS studio in Madrid.