Their project for the 2015 edition of the A Cel Obert festival aims to modify the spatial vision of the courtyard of the Sant Jordi and Sant Domènec Palace and tries to get the visitors to take part in it. With the desire not to colonise this space in a massive way, prisms of coloured lines connect the movement of visitors on foot with the open sky of the city of Tortosa and, adapting to the proportions of the size of the courtyard, they create a series of volumes that adjust to the composition of arches of the facades.

During the day, the colours will be self-evident and, when entering, these lines will delimit the vision of the sky. At night, however, it will become an amalgam of colours that will illuminate the surroundings of the courtyard of the Sant Jordi and Sant Domènec Palace, where the user can enter this new world of light and colours.

Eloi Camacho, Ivan Fernández and Toni Ferré


“Sky-Lines” is the proposal presented by Eloi Camacho, Ivan Fernández and Toni Ferré, all three from the area of Tarragona.

Eloi Camacho (3loi) is a Senior Technician in Metal Constructions and holds a degree in Rehabilitation and Interior Design. He is currently studying architecture at Ramon Llull University and works in the technical department of the company “Manser, arquitectura del metall”.

Ivan Fernández (1van) is an architect graduated from the ETSAB in 2015 who also has a degree in Interior Design. He currently works in the area of project design and development for the company “Lappset” as a coordinator of national and international competitions. Among his studies, he also has photography courses specialising in architecture.

Toni Ferré (7oni) is an architecture student at Ramon Llull University. He is a collaborator in different architectural studios in the area of projects and urbanism and is currently working on his Final Degree Project. He also holds a degree from the Tarragona Conservatory of Music and works as a musician and teacher. In this field, he stands out for being a member and founder of the audiovisual project “Original, diseño-audio-visual”.

3.17ARQ, the numerical acronym made up by the initials of their respective names, is the name of the team that began to form in 2007 when they began their degree in architecture at the same university and discovered that they shared the same concerns. This fact led them to elaborate different proposals and to enter various competitions together, contributing ideas in which art, music and photography complement their architectural side.