Their proposal is an intervention that aims to change the usual perception of the courtyard of the Museum of Tortosa by strategically filling the void of the vaults, a space that allows the passage between the courtyard and the porched area, with plastic bottles recycled and coated with coloured cellophane, a material capable of letting the light through, changing its colour and staining the space with sunlight. The vaults, which are filled, stop allowing the transition between the two spaces and become a kind of stained glass window changing the usual perception without filters for a more confusing one which is watery and of different colours.

Maria Danés and Josep Maria Guerrero


“Cromoteràpia” (Chromotherapy) is the proposal presented by Maria Danés and Josep Maria Guerrero from Olot.

Maria Danés is an architect graduated from the ETSAV (The Vallès School of Architecture). In 2014, she did her internship in the office of Josep Pla and Solà-Morales in Girona.

Josep Maria Guerrero is a computer technician and in his professional career related to art he has excelled in the editing of videos, sound and animation.

The creators of this space decided to combine their artistic knowledge of architecture, design and music to work with ephemeral projects. In 2013, they created the Ambient Zero collective and from there, began to take part in various cultural events, designing and assembling ephemeral spaces such as the “Olot Nativity Scene Show 2013”, “Girona Flower Time 2014”, “10 years of reality – Olot International Documentary Show 2015” and “Fire and Light Festival – Lluèrnia Olot 2013-2014”.