Retalls d’ombra

The installation presented and located in the Montagut Palace was born out of a desire to recreate the unique, magical and peculiar settings that can only be found in very specific parts of the Delta.

These scenes of light, colour, shadow and contrasts were created by a hanging structure, from which a series of semi-transparent fabrics in the various colours of the Delta were attached, creating an ever-changing sensation due to the effect of the sunlight and action of the wind.

It was not just a place to see, but also a place to be, so there was seating provided and visitors became an active part of the courtyard, as they were able to find their own space.

Marc Anglada, Marc Ferrando, Marina Morey, Diego Morillo and Laura Ronquillo


“Retalls d’ombra” (Shadow Cuttings) is the proposal of Marc Anglada from Ciutadella de Menorca, Marc Ferrando from Jesús-Tortosa, Marina Morey from Palma de Mallorca, Diego Morillo from Bogotá and Laura Ronquillo from Cerdanyola del Vallès.

Marc Anglada got his architecture degree from the Barcelona School of Architecture. He has worked in the office of Isabel Bennasar Estudi d’Arquitectura i Paisatge collaborating in the project of the Historic Site of Sant Pau and in the international competition of the Bernex-Confignon Agro-urban Park (Switzerland). He has also worked in the firm Axis Patrimoni.

Marc Ferrando, an architect graduated from the Barcelona School of Architecture and contributor to the architecture magazine DTF, where he writes about vernacular constructions in the Mediterranean region, has worked with the architects Julián Gatón, Enric Roig, and José Mª Ruíz. He currently combines work in the XRG architecture offices of Xavier Rodríguez with work at JiZ of Fernando Jiménez.

Marina Morey, also graduated from the Barcelona School of Architecture, has worked in the MSM studio in Palma, in the Son Moix and Port Adriano projects, and as a volunteer in ARCA (Association for the Revitalization of Old Centers). She has just completed a scholarship to support teachers in the Department of Architectural Constructions at the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture).

Diego Morillo, an architect graduated from the National University of Colombia, located in Bogotá, has worked in numerous architectural firms carrying out building projects for education in Bogotá and health centres. He currently works as an infrastructure project coordinator for the Korean International Cooperation Agency.

Laura Ronquillo is an architect graduated from the Vallès School of Architecture. She did part of her studies at the Polytechnic University of Tampere (TUT), Finland. In 2011, she was part of the winning team in the competition to turn the French city of Sète into an accessible city, in the framework of the program “Let’s open tourism for us” (LOTUS). She currently works as an architect and administrative officer at a heritage company in Barcelona.

The members of the group met while studying their Master in Architecture, Energy and the Environment, forming a team in various projects.