The proposal for the festival aims to open a door to the past, to find a shortcut to the future; to travel in time. Despite being issues that are way beyond our reach and that, until now, we have considered utopias only available to filmmakers and writers, we can say that each and every one of us has a personal, intimate and insurmountable space, a place where only we can enter. A place where, when we stare into space or have our eyes closed, we can imagine ourselves being elsewhere.

We can be taken back to our childhood by hearing a song that transports us to it, we can go back to another moment in time when we smell a fragrance that evokes it, or we can imagine ourselves in a space – a totally unreal time and a reflection of our imagination – only thanks to an illusion that sometimes only we ourselves know about.

This magical space, this immaterial and volatile space, can be represented as a tunnel, because in essence, this space is a two-point connector. A tunnel of time that takes us to the when and the where in which we want to be, either a moment of the past or the future.

Carles Juncà and Míriam Soler


INTERIORS A2 ESTUDI is formed by Carles Juncà and Míriam Soler, an architecture and design studio dedicated to the development of residential and commercial spaces located in Olot since 2007. Carles Juncà made his debut to the professional world in 1998 and combines professional work with teaching.

Míriam Soler has a degree in architecture and also develops her professional and teaching work at the same time. As members of the studio, they have developed design works throughout the country, some of which have been selected in the architecture awards of the Girona region.