Walls are built and then torn down. The ground persists. It can be covered or excavated but will always remain ground. We can only act on its skin. Javier de Riba proposes a delicate confrontation by treating the flooring of the six entrances to the courtyards of A Cel Obert with gypsum dust, following patterns similar to those of cement tiles. Weather conditions and pedestrian traffic will cause the ephemeral mosaic to fade away until it completely disappears. In short, the cosmetic applications on the respective areas of ground will become chaos and hence time that will slowly erase their trace.

Javier de Riba

Entrades a diferents patis de Tortosa


Javier de Riba is a Catalan creator, artist and designer born in Barcelona. He has worked in various studios and agencies as an art director. He is currently part of the artistic collective Reskate Arts & Crafts with whom he develops graphic and communicative projects related to sustainability and humane treatment.

His concerns have brought him to question his personal style in each project in order to put it at the service of communication. For him each piece demands its own aesthetics and he ventures to try new techniques and styles. A constant fight against reiteration in favour of versatility.