Laberint Blau Cel

The work “Laberint Blau Cel” (Sky Blue Labyrinth) is located in the courtyard of the Montagut Palace and consists of a temporary transformation of the space, integrating a labyrinth with different alternative paths that invite visitors to tour the interior finally leading them to its exit.

The labyrinth reflects on the time and the visitor actively participates in such reflection, being part of the installation itself. Sky Blue Labyrinth symbolises the transforming process of human experience where the traveller is constantly faced with their own creation.

We are forced to make choices all along the way. The many twists and turns of life itself, the changes of address, transitions, planning a future… finally make sense in this existential metaphor of walking through a labyrinth, if you are able to stay the course. Your constant comings and goings do not matter, neither does how far everything seems to be, each step will bring us closer to the goal. Therefore, we could say that WE ARE TIME.

Silvia Sanahuja


Silvia Sanahuja, born in Valls, is a creator of spaces who is constantly searching for training and creative development. She studied Design at the Reus School of Art where she completed professional qualifications in Projection and Direction of Works of Decoration and Ephemeral Architecture.

She has complemented her training by doing different specialisations related to the design of spaces such as the courses of Styling in Decoration at the Madrid School of Decoration, Window Dressing and Visual Merchandising at the Mtplus School of Trends of Barcelona and Retail Scenography with Artidi in Barcelona.

She currently actively collaborates with the Multidisciplinary Design Studio “Cultura de Taller” of Reus and is part of the non-profit group “Sopes d’All”, which aims to recover the identity of forgotten spaces in the city through urban interventions. She has also participated as an artist in Girona’s “Temps de Flors” (Flower Time) and in the “Barri en Flor” shop window competition among others.