Ephemeral art in Plaça Sant Joan. Notes and chords become volumes of sand to represent a fragment of the work A la clara nit… by Felip Pedrell. Artistic languages come together. Abstract matter, many hands to create collectively and to travel between the spaces and silences of music.

The creation sleeps in the open air…

Arenas Posibles


Project devised by L’Escola per l’Art i la Cultura de la Diputació a Tortosa. Artistic and technical production by Arenas Posibles with the collaboration of young people from Nucli Antic and the support of Grup Esplai Blanquerna.

L’Escola d’Art de la Diputació in Tortosa is celebrating 70 years of artistic training and cultural dynamining on the street, transformed into L’Escola per l’Art i la Cultura.

In 1988, Arenas Posibles was born out of the dream of sculptors Sergi Ramírez and Montserrat Cuesta. A dream that would become a pioneering project for sand sculpture, both nationally and internationally, thanks to perseverance, enthusiasm and a drive for continuous improvement.

Arenas Posibles has played a large part in the professionalization of the art of sand sculpture, an enduring ephemeral artform with which they have generated great artistic, public and media interest, due to their ability to give shape to any idea, anywhere.