From the Greek αὔρα (aúra). Its meaning is a light or immaterial radiation that covers some bodies, with a kind of energy field, that covers specific things or people and that is not visible to the human eye.

Aura are rings of light that surround the columns, that illuminate the environment and that generate changing shadows that slowly evolve over time. Rings of light that imprison the pillars that support the building and give it the levity of light and shadow.

If we enter the work, if we place ourselves under the circles, we are in the middle; we are in the place. The LEDs change, they become animated, they move to the rhythm of the music. The piece has a specific duration and it incorporates hearing structurally into the architecture. The skin is what gives us the contrast with the environment while the space is explained by lights and shadows.Aura represents both awareness of the environment and that of movement. It “architectualizes” the passage of time, fixes a certain moment of natural cycles.

Aura is a piece of architecture that plays with the fourth dimension. That builds variability and turns it into atmosphere.


The authors of this entry are Xevi Bayona and Alex Posada.

Xevi Bayona trained as an architect at the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture) and works as a professor at the University of Girona and Elisava, Barcelona. With his own studio in Olot, his works encompass architecture, urban planning, art, landscape and ephemeral and light installations. Since its founding, Xevi has been the Artistic Director of Lluèrnia, festival of fire and light in Olot.

Alex Posada is an engineer from the University of Cantabria and mainly works in digital creation, teaching and research in the fields of interactivity and digital art. As a multidisciplinary artist, he works at the nexus of art, science and technology through research and the constant development of his own systems and tools.

The two form part of MID Studio, founded in 2009 in Barcelona, ​​where Alex is also director and coordinator. MID Studio is a technology and interactive design firm that develops installations and projects in the field of digital art, interactive design and new media. It is made up of a multidisciplinary team of artists, designers, musicians, engineers, programmers, architects and producers.