Els ulls a vent

The wind is a very characteristic element in the Terres de l’Ebre that, whilst not being physically tangible, can be felt and seen as it interacts with the elements that move to its rhythm. The wind speaks its own particular language and the Franquet Passage is the ideal setting to show it. Its geometry and orientation act as a chimney that forces the entrance and exit of the air. For this reason a kinetic structure is proposed made out of a light, reflective material capable of adapting itself to the movement and the speed of the wind, giving it shape and voice.

A soft breeze is sufficient to activate the gears that completely change your perception of the space. It is the movement of these elements as well as their shadows and reflections on the surfaces of the passage and the visitors themselves that provoke a complete immersion in a work that manages to merge architecture and the elements of nature.

Sergi Roca and Nuria Hernandez


Sergi Roca and Nuria Hernandez are two architects who have been trained in the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB). Their respective professional careers have led them to live in London where they have found a creative and professional answer to all their passions such as, apart from architecture, art, science, and product and fashion design. They have participated together in architectural competitions and ephemeral works.

Sergi Roca was born and raised in Tortosa, he worked in internationally recognised architectural offices such as EMBT, Pinearq and Batlle i Roig Arquitectes where he developed his side as large-scale project designer and landscaper. He currently lives in London and works in the American company HKS, re-imagining the user experience in the sports and entertainment sectors.

Nuria Hernandez, from Barcelona, worked in Batlle i Roig Arquitectes but when she realised that her real vocation was more scientific and investigative she decided to move to London to study a PhD in neuroarchitecture, the science that studies the influence that our environment has on the brain, our mood and on the behaviour of human beings. She is currently focusing her studies on the influence that lighting has on people within the autistic spectrum. Nuria combines her academic work with product and fashion accessories design for her own brand Kiwi+Pomelo.