Patio of the Convent de les Serves de Jesús

The Convent de les Serves de Jesús consists of the convent itself, a patio and an adjoining public chapel. The site has three floors and is situated on the corner of Carrer Cervantes (where the front façade is located) and Carrer Sant Joan Baptista de la Salle. The patio at the rear is adjacent to Carrer Cristòfol Despuig.

The interior of the convent has undergone various renovations, including the lowering of the ceilings and new flooring, among others. These modifications have concealed much of its original appearance, which is now perhaps only visible in the main staircase and the lobby on the ground floor.



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Location: Carrer Sant Joan Baptista de La Salle, 6

Author: Joaquín de Rucoba and Octavio de Toledo

Year: 1888-1910

Architectural style: Historicist

Current use: Hall of residence

Courtyard area: 392 m²