Words cannot describe what it is to live in freedom and what it means to have that freedom taken away. And despite its ineffability, it exists.

The installation describes these experiences and evokes forms that coexist in the space, transforming it into a limit.

Forms that show, in the multiplicity of their meaning and formal simplicity, the divergence between the situation described and the hope for change. And also its representation: the iron bars that impede your autonomy, that separate you from your life, just like the silences that separate the notes on a sheet of music, and the tears of memory and longing that turn into musical notes full of hope, in endless circles and pauses.

Silences and notes that, only when they finish and have passed the limit, make people feel emotions, without prejudices, totally free and without inhibitions.

Marc Ferrando y Cristina Bestratén


Marc Ferrando and Cristina Bestratén, architects and organisation A Cel Obert