Nature has its own internal rhythm, sometimes perceptible like the singing of insects in summer, and sometimes imperceptible like the seasonal oscillations of a river’s flow. Together they form a soundscape in constant motion setting the rhythm of time.

Rèplica creates a soundscape that imitates the internal rhythms of nature to create a composition based on rhythms, repetitive structures and choral ensembles of sounds that coexist in a given space. Instead of using sounds from nature, this installation uses a plethora of percussive sounds to create a soundscape from instruments designed for rhythm, but here they are subjected to another type of rhythm: that marked out by nature.

The repetition, the misalignment of the sound registers and the randomness of the digital system that drives each set of sounds, causes accidental rhythms, changes, asynchronies, canons and occasional synchronicities building a soundscape formed by a cluster of abstract sounds, different from each other but identical in many respects.

The ensemble, contrary to what one might think, forms a calm soundscape where the rhythm is marked by silence and recollection, offering the visitor a calm, immersive experience far removed from loud noises. The sound work is inspired by ways of doing things linked to the art of traditional Japanese zen gardens and holistic philosophy where sound design is a fundamental part.

Rèplica is a conversation between sounds that dialogue with each other, different sounds on equal terms, speaking, dialoguing and replicating each other in an infinite dance of unstructured rhythms.


Edu Comelles lives and works in Valencia. He is an artist, musician and cultural consultant. His work combines sound art, music production and sound design in different areas of culture.

His work has been shown at the Reina Sofia Museum (Madrid), Laboral in Gijón, Spanish Abstract Art Museum of Cuenca, Tabakalera (San Sebastian), Espai Rambleta, Bombes Gens or the CCCC in Valencia; Etopia (Zaragoza), CAAM (Gran Canaria) or the CCCB, Caixaforum and Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona, his hometown. Some of his works are to be found in collections including DKV Artèria and the Contemporary Art funds of the Generalitat Valenciana. His discography has been published by labels such as Spa.RK, Fluïu-Àudio, Arxives and Envelope Collective, among others.

He has performed solo and in collaboration at festivals such as Sónar, Mutek, Lisboa Soa, Eufònic and Música En Segura, among many others.