Sant Joan’s Square

This is an irregularly laid out square, defined by the profile of the convent and the church of Saint John (Sant Joan), whose walls border the north eastern edge.

In the centre is a well, currently closed, which preserves its original structure. It has a circular opening made of large stone blocks and masonry around the lower parts. Only the basin is missing. The puteal wellhead, of wrought iron, and the pulley with its wooden wheel are also preserved.

The buildings that make up the other sides of the square are currently very dilapidated, both in terms of facade and structure.

Currently, the old church houses the Institute of Social Services and the Employment Office of Tortosa. The annexes of the convent are now the headquarters of the Casal Tortosí and the School of Art and Culture of the Provincial Council of Tarragona.

*Authorship of photos: Albert Esteves

Location: Plaça Sant Joan

Author: -

Year: 18th-20th Century

Architectural style: Baroque, popular work

Current use: Public space