The Il·lusfera or “Illu-beast” is a conceptual entity that allows us to explore the perception of illusion. Inspired by the collective imaginary world of Catalan festive beasts, it is a majestic hybrid creature born of a combination of exotic invasive species in Catalonia.

With its imposing presence, it hypnotises us, challenges us and opens us up to the unexpected. Invasive and capable of engulfing spaces, it invites us to question reality and to confront the illusion as a false depiction. Right in front of our eyes, this friendly beast reminds us that reality can be deceptive and malleable, like an illusion, and that only by questioning it can we discover the true essence of the world around us.


Del Mercader is a unique creative studio formed by people who like telling stories, building worlds and triggering emotions. They love forging tales with shapes and objects, with textures and colours. They create tangible, sensory experiences, spaces and settings that give physical consistency and storytelling to everything they aim to transmit.

The team work with proximity and dialogue and are committed to the environment. They blend traditional craftsmanship with innovation, precising manufacturing with new technologies, and cutting-edge products with historic materials.