Courtyard of the Oriol Palace

The Oriol Palace, which was the School of Arts and Crafts of the Government of Tarragona until the 90s, has an inner courtyard with a covered staircase to access the floors, and a gallery of low arches and thin columns on the first floor. 

This Palace was possibly part of the lot that Ramon Berenguer IV granted to Roger Despuig, a knight from Roussillon, for the services rendered in the reconquest of the area. The constructive similarity and the elements of communication, now walled up, suggest that in the 14th century they were still one same building.

Location: Carrer de la Rosa, 8

Author: Unknown

Year: 13th-16th Century

Architectural style: Catalan civil Gothic

Current use: Music School and Conservatory of Professional Degree of the Government of Tarragona in Tortosa

Courtyard area: 30 m2