A tempo is a tribute to the metronome, a device that helps us mark regular rhythms through auditory, visual or tactile pulsations.

On a musical level, it is a tool that is somewhat controversial, as many musicians believe and argue that its rigidity means that the resulting music lacks its own character. That is why the authors take it as an image of reflection and to create a parallel with our rhythms of life: sometimes frantic, sometimes leisurely… And the various opinions that are generated around them about whether or not we have healthy rhythms of life.

We need routines and constancy to feel in balance and harmony, but often we also need to break the rhythm to feel alive and, then, recover the ‘tempo’.

Laia Pellicer i Raquel Sarrà


Laia Pellicer and Raquel Sarrà are designers of ephemeral spaces.

They are united by a passion for design and creativity in all areas. They have a shared vision when it comes to how to focus on different projects. They know that forming a team is always enriching and that’s why we have joined efforts and work together through collaborations.

They like to take care of the small details and give their best to exceed the expectations of each project.