Plou i fa sol

“Plou i fa sol… les bruixes es pentinen!” (“It’s sunny and raining… the witches are combing their hair!” – line from a popular children’s rhyme) The weather is unpredictable, but when we go outside to the street, we always want it to be sunny.

With the proposal “Plou i fa sol”, the aim is to get the viewer to interact with the weather. The courtyard of Sant Jordi and Sant Domènec is filled with balloons inflated with helium each one tied with a thread that almost reaches the ground. They form a cloud that can be modified by visitors. With this installation and the participation of the visitors, the aim is to make the space change over time and to change the “weather”. Move the balloons and make the sun rise!

Jordi Pons, Natalia Sanvicente, Julen Arbelaitz, Elisa Miranda, Marina Campomar, Julià Garcia and Marta Cos


“Plou i fa sol” (It’s sunny and raining) is the proposal presented by Jordi Pons, Natalia Sanvicente, Julen Arbelaitz, Elisa Miranda, Marina Campomar, Julià Garcia and Marta Cos.

Elisa Miranda is from Logroño and, having graduated from the ETSAB, Barcelona School of Architecture, has been an architect since July 2015. She works at the AAIMM firm in Barcelona and, when she is not working as an architect, she designs and makes jewellery.

Marta Cos is from Barcelona, she has been an architect since November 2015 having also graduated from the ETSAB. Interested in energy efficiency and sustainable architecture, she is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Sustainability at the Sert School and is collaborating with the PMMT studio.

Natalia Sanvicente, from Barbastro, graduated as an architect from the ETSAB in February 2016. During the past year, she has been collaborating with the Generalitat (Government of Catalonia) within the Infrastructure Department of the Catalan Institute of Health. She is interested in social architecture and rehabilitation.

Marina Campomar, from Mallorca, has just graduated in Architecture from the ETSAB. She spent a year in Darmstadt, studying at the Technische Hochschule Darmstadt-Architektur and collaborating with the studio Atp Architekten. She is fascinated by anthropology, an area in which she wants to continue studying.

Jordi Pons, from Almacelles, is doing his Final Degree Project in Architecture at the ETSAB. He spent a year studying at the Stuttgart University. He has collaborated with the architecture studio La Mangrana.

Julià Garcia is from Palma and recently graduated in Architecture from the ETSAB. He spent a year in Venice studying at the IUAV University of Venice. Last year he collaborated with the Espai Arquitectura studio and now he is with the SiO2 Arch studio.

Julen Arbelaitz is from San Sebastián. A student of Architecture at the ETSAB, he is currently working in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area carrying out different projects. He is part of the ESFA student association, which is closely linked to bioconstruction and the more social aspect of architecture.

They all got to know each other when studying architecture at the ETSAB and now work on projects together.